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The impressive creations at CARLILE ART are the unique artworks of Edward Carlile and Irene Carlile.

A non traditional art education mixed with the school of hard rock has produced a visionary artist with creativity running through his veins.  Edward lives in his studio.  He has integrated his studio into his home and life.  He is quite esoteric and hasn't done public appearances in many years.  Edward Carlile has always been a mystery in the traditional fine art world.  He is constantly creating unique designs, drawings, paintings and sculptures unlike anything else.


Irene Carlile is wonderful designer with an artistic touch.  Her designs and paintings are visually trilling to the eye.  She is constantly creating unique design concepts, paintings and sculptures unlike anything else.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the work of CARLILE ART.  We hope that the art inspires you or brings a smile to your face.

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